Sauber 380V Hot water high pressure cleaner SG-DHPW7300


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Welcome to Sauber Germany, where we offer innovative cleaning solutions that meet the most demanding industrial needs. Our Sauber 380V Hot Water High Pressure Washer SG-DHPW7300 is a powerful tool designed to remove dirt and contaminants with ease. Whether it concerns heavy industrial cleaning tasks, facade cleaning, or vehicle maintenance, this machine guarantees exceptional performance and reliability.

Power and Performance

The Sauber 380V Hot Water High Pressure Washer SG-DHPW7300 has been developed with a focus on power and performance. Thanks to the 380V electrical system and the impressive 7.3 kW motor, this high-pressure cleaner delivers a maximum pressure of 300 bar and a flow rate of 21 liters per minute. This means you can remove even the most stubborn dirt build-ups with ease, all with hot water for an even more effective clean.

Hot Water for Maximum Cleaning Power

One of the most notable features of the SG-DHPW7300 is its ability to provide hot water. The heated water significantly increases cleaning power, making it easy to eliminate grease, oil, and other hard-to-remove substances. With an adjustable water temperature up to 90 degrees Celsius, you have full control over the cleaning conditions, so you can choose the right temperature for your specific cleaning task.

Durability and Reliability

At Sauber Germany we attach great importance to sustainability and reliability. The SG-DHPW7300 is built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure long life, even in the most demanding environments. The robust design and corrosion-resistant components ensure that this pressure washer can withstand heavy loads and stand the test of time.

Safety comes first

Safety is a priority at Sauber Germany. The SG-DHPW7300 is equipped with several safety features, including an automatic burner shut-off system to prevent overheating. In addition, the high-pressure hose is reinforced and fitted with a safety pin to prevent it from loosening during use, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Easy Operation and Mobility

This hot water high pressure cleaner is designed for ease of use. The ergonomic design of the handle and control buttons ensures that you can work comfortably, even during longer cleaning sessions. Furthermore, the SG-DHPW7300 is equipped with robust wheels and a handy push handle, making it easy to maneuver even on uneven terrain.


The Sauber 380V Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner SG-DHPW7300 is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including:
  • Industrial Cleaning: Removing grease, oil, rust, and other contaminants from industrial machinery and equipment.
  • Facade cleaning: Effectively remove dirt, graffiti, and atmospheric contaminants from buildings and structures.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Thorough cleaning of vehicles, trucks, and fleets for a professional appearance.
  • Agriculture: Cleaning of agricultural equipment, stables, and yards.
  • Cleaning of public spaces: Cleaning sidewalks, squares, and other public spaces.



  • Voltage 380 - 400 V
  • stage 3
  • Hertz 50 Hz
  • Thermal output 58 kW
  • Boiler feed diesel
  • Maximum water pressure 210 bar
  • Working pressure 20 MPa
  • Maximum pressure 21 MPa
  • Pump 1450 rpm
  • Flow rate 15 l/min
  • Temperature input max 140 °C